"Buy one, get one free when switching to Verizon" promotion
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Planning to switch from one service provider to another and aiming to take advantage of the "buy one, get one free when switching to Verizon" promotion, I expected to purchase two phones for the price of one. Additionally, we traded in three phones, hoping to receive a discount on the third device. However, we were deceived and subjected to terms that did not align with our requests.

Instead of fulfilling the conditions of the promised promotion, we were processed for the purchase of three phones, as if we had brought all of them in for an exchange. This maneuver not only emphasized the dishonesty of the advertising but also led me to leave the previous excellent service.

This experience with Verizon left me disappointed and aggrieved. 

I warn everyone planning to switch to Verizon: be vigilant and carefully scrutinize the conditions.

Re: "Buy one, get one free when switching to Verizon" promotion
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to share your experience. Promotions and offers can be confusing at times. We are here to help confirm promotion details and make sure you have received all eligible customer offers and discounts. Please reply to the following private note, and we would be eager to provide a complete review of your account.