"Invalid destination address" sending photo to specific phone number?

I have a Droid Turbo.  I can send and receive photos with no problem, EXCEPT for one specific phone number.  I can text that individual, and he can text me.  But when I send a photo, I get "invalid destination address" failure.  He has the same problem when trying to text me a photo.  He can text and receive photos from others as well, just can't text a photo to me.  This is limited to this one individual's phone (his is an iPhone).  We are both in the same area code, etc.  We've tried reducing the file size, so it isn't that.  Does anyone have any suggestions??? 

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Re: "Invalid destination address" sending photo to specific phone number?
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ellialbert2, we want to keep you and that particular friend connected! Are you using the text messaging feature on your phone or did you download a 3rd party messsaging application to your phone? Have you always had this issue? When did this problem start?

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