"Searching for Network" Annoying Message When Texting

Any one get a "Searching for Network" pop up with the swirly circle when trying to text someone?  It happens frequently when I select the person from my contacts and using wi-fi.  When I switch to data it seems to be less frequent.  I'm NOT happy.  It locks the phone and I have to close all apps.  This will go on a few times before it decides to work.

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Re: "Searching for Network" Annoying Message When Texting
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Help is here! Texting is a major form of communication, so let's figure this out. We are happy to hear that when you are using our 4G network that this pop up of "searching for network" does not happen, however, allow me to help get this fixed when you are only connected to wifi. What make & model phone are you using? About how long ago did this problem start? (A few days ago? A few weeks ago?) Does this pop up appear when you are connected to just one particular wifi network or when you are connected to any wifi network? Please share what texting app you are using. 



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