"your response can’t be posted to our site"
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Just got this email from Verizon about a question I answered on the HTC 10 versus the Pixel: HTC 10 | Verizon Wireless

I don't remember exactly what I wrote but I was honest in my opinion and not making heated remarks, but the email said:

"Your response needs some attention.

unfortunately your response can’t be posted to our site. We appreciate that you took the time to respond to a question, but your post didn’t pass our guidelines."

But it doesn't say why or which specific guidelines, and the "Resubmit Here" button in the email doesn't show me what I wrote either!

So how am I supposed to know what the problem was and how to resubmit so I don't do the same thing again?!

This is pretty crappy. I was trying to help someone out and Verizon shut it down for no apparent reason, now I'm thinking there's something dishonest going on here.

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