retrieving text messages sent to my childs phone

is there a way to have texts from my childs phone also sent to my phone

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Re: retrieving text messages sent to my childs phone

No, they cannot be sent to your phone also.

You could set up message plus on a computer and then you can see the text messages. The child will get a text to confirm the messages will be seen on Message Plus.

However, keep in mind this is an insufficient way to make sure your child is not getting into trouble. There are many ways a child can send messages and SMS text messages is just a small tip of the iceberg. The only sure way is to have random checks of the phone itself to look at all apps that can communicate. If a child knows you are watching SMS text, they will just go to whats-app, Instagram, of one of the many many other ways to do the same thing.

Re: retrieving text messages sent to my childs phone
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Great question, mmg1965. This would depend on the phone model and if you have the Familybase companion application installed on the device. Do  you have the family base feature and the companion application installed on your child's phone?

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