sms error code 65536. What does this mean?
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Moto g5 plus 5th Gen sms sent error code 65536.  What does this mean?

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Re: sms error code 65536. What does this mean?
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JOHCHA32, help is here as getting error messages are never fun. Let's work together to get this figured out. Does this error message happen on every text message? Do you have the ability to send/receive text messages? Lastly, are you using the text messenging application that came with the phone or a 3rd party application?


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Re: sms error code 65536. What does this mean?

I'm having this happen for only one contact in messages. It's the default messing app that came with my phone. It's a Google pixel xl. When I check the details of the messages it says status: 65536

Re: sms error code 65536. What does this mean?
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Is that contact still receiving those messages? If yes it's likely that error is due to your Google messenger app being unable to confirm delivery for some reason. If the contact isn't receiving those messages check to ensure their number is stored in your contacts correctly as just the 10 digit number (no 1/+/etc) or delete and readd that contact to ensure its reset. If that doesn't work if your sending messages longer than 160 characters check with that contact to ensure they're able to receive MMS and not just SMS. If they can only receive SMS keep each message you send them within that 160 character limit.

If you're still having trouble you may want to report the error and issue to the application developer (Google) to request a software fix or try using a different messaging application that may work better