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My daughter and I switched phones and phone numbers because her camera broke and I wanted her to have my phone. So we had Verizon switch our phone numbers.  Now is it possible to transfer our apps and contacts from my phone to hers and vice versa?

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Re: transfer apps and contacts
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Depending on the type of phone you have if you have a Samsung you could use smart switch and backup both phones on the computer and then put the backup in the phone that you want the backup on.I think you may have to switch the sims since they already switch the numbers. Are they both the same type of phone? If they are that will make it a lot easier

Re: transfer apps and contacts

are you both using something other than gmail??

if yes, contacts can be synced to any device after signing in to google.

on your individual apps, you might need to download them from the play store.

samsung smart switch works great for samsung to samsung but i'm not sure if it can be used i one phone isn't a samsung.


i used samsung smart switch to xfer contacts, apps, lock screen & home screen pics (checked all boxes) from an s5 to a note5.

the s5 was designated old & the note5 new.

s5 was connected by usb to pc/wi-fi & the note5 was on wi-fi.