unlocking HTC 10, is it actually unlocked

I am at this point beyond frustrated. I have an HTC 10 that was my sons, he upgraded to a Google Pixel and the HTC is paid off. Actually it's a different phone since the phone was replaced by HTC under Uh-Oh coverage. It is a Verizon HTC phone. If I put in a SIM card from another carrier it just says it's not a Verizon card. No option to enter unlock code.

Supposedly ALL Verizon 4G/LTE phones are already unlocked, if so why doesn't another SIM work? T-Mobile PrePaid, AT&T GoPhone card. I have yet to test it with actual current activated AT&T card.

I'd like to sell the phone... But can't advertise it's unlocked unless it really is

Any help!!!


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Re: unlocking HTC 10, is it actually unlocked
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goosgrl7, determining a phone's compatibility with a network can be tricky. You mention that this is a different HTC than the original HTC 10. So we'd like to know what we're working with. Please provide us the Model by heading to Settings > About > Model Number .

I know to check a device's compatibility with our Verizon Wireless network, we have the Bring Your Own Device: https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/activate-your-own-device/ . Perhaps there's a page like this for other carriers.


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