vxwpix.com not working

VZWPIX.com is not working from my computer to my cell phone.  I use TwoToneDetect software  to send messages out for fire department pages from my computer to 18 cell phones (17 of those are verizon).    The last time this worked was Monday March 5th.  We had 3 calls that day and it worked for 2 of the calls.  We have had several more calls this week and no one is receiving the pages.  By chance is vzwpix.com still valid or is there something else to use.    I have been using this software for over 4 years and no major issues until this week.

Re: vxwpix.com not working
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Creek1918 Being able to communicate with others is vital, and I'm truly sorry to hear that you have to send text messages from your computer other cell phones. Please tell me exactly what's happening when trying to send a message? To clarify, do you have a Verizon business account? Please share the details. We are here to help.
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Re: vxwpix.com not working
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I thought that stopped working YEARS ago. Verizon messages+ Google messages maybe