wi fi calling

It would be really nice if Verizon would make wi fi calling available to Android phones brought into the network.  I have a Moto X4, which I bought as an open phone and activated it through Verizon.  It is capable of wi fi calling and it is in my calling plan, but there is no way to turn it on in the settings.  Motorola says it is a Verizon issue, and Verizon only allows it if the phone is bought from them.  Looks like I will have to use a third party app, which worries me because of privacy issues.  Seems to be my only choice.  I have seen this issue raised in other forums.

Re: wi fi calling
Customer Service Rep

We know that having access to Wi-Fi Calling is very convenient. This feature is only available for Verizon branded devices. Let's work together and find the best options for you. Is there a particular reason on why you are looking to use Wi-Fi Calling? We do offer a large selection of devices on our website. You can follow this link to view them, https://www.verizon.com/smartphones/