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I have an iPhone 11 and my husband has a Samsung 21.  We are both having extreme difficulty getting emails to come in on a regular basis. 

On the Samsung, it would not receive any emails or send any emails all day long then over night it would get the emails from the day before but not anything else all day long.

On the iPhone 11 emails are slow to show up but I would get then every hour or two but then only get the line of who it was from and the subject line.  The body would be blank.  When I would try to force it to refresh then the words "The message has not been downloaded from the server" will appear where there should be the bod of the text.  On some emails I can see 5 lines of the body text in preview, but then when you open the email the body is blank.  On other emails, even the preview is blank.  Occasionally the full email will be present as normal but those are few and far between.  It can take HOURS before the body of the email will come into the phone but by the next day they will show up.

I've checked all ISP server settings and they are correct.  We've rebooted our phones. Nothing seems to fix this.  It has been going on with the iphone for a few weeks now but just started with the Samsung last week.  

Mediacom says there areno issues on their end.  If I go out to their webmail portal, all the emails are there just fine.  

This has got to be a Verizon issue.




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