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Alias2 Prepay with No Data???

Hey Folks...

All I'm trying to do is get my Alias2 to work on a .25 cent a minute  prepay plan...that's all. I bought the phone a few years ago from Verizon with a two year contract. Realizing that I didn't use the phone that often I opted to drop the contract and attempted to convert the use of the phone to a go. So I purchased a cheap Samsung at that time, after three years, it has crapped out.

So I head to the local Verizon store (which is a large national store, not a kiosk at the mall) to get another cheap phone and the sales guy tells me that my old Alias2 would work and I could save myself the price of a new phone. Great! I tell him that I had previously tried this with no luck. Sales guy says that Verizon has opened up a bunch of it's older phones for prepay and that the Alias2 will work. day I bring the old phone to the store to get it activated, the original guy I spoke to isn't there, and I'm told I have to purchase a 60$/month data plan from another sales agent to make it play. We call the national support folks and they say it won't work. Yet I read on these forums that it will and the sales guy in the brick and mortar states it will. This is incredibly frustrating.

What I'm pretty sure of is that Verizon needs to get their story straight.

It would be awfully nice if someone from Verizon could step in here and add some definition to this. Specifically, who to contact (a REAL person), with phone numbers,  that can resolve this.

It may be time to move on to another carrier.


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Re: Alias2 Prepay with No Data???

Okay, so i'm not from Verizon, but I did a little looking around for you to see what's up.

The first guy you talked to was wrong, the Alias 2 is a multimedia phone, it requires data even on regular service. Because of this, it must be on one of the prepaid smart phone plans. Sorry, nothing can be done about that.

Looks like to stay on the pay as you go prepaid option you're gonna need a new prepaid phone. It sucks, but that's what you got

Re: Alias2 Prepay with No Data???
Community Leader
Community Leader

The monthly basic plans might work for that device. I'm no expert either.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Alias2 Prepay with No Data???

Thanks to both you and Ann for responding.

Not so sure that the first guy was wrong. After reading this article the answer seems a bit vague.

When I had this phone under contract there was no data plan needed for it...and technically, Verizon lists this phone as a "basic device" on their website these days. Going a step further, the OS for the browser/phone is so old and outdated it doesn't have a functional use...which is fine, my only use for this phone is emergencies.

I'll wait this out for a week or two and see if I can this resolved but I think I'm going to attempt to open this phone up and head to Trac or Virgin. Over the years Verizon has gotten thousands of dollars out of me and I'm sick of paying them for things I don't need.

Thanks again.

Re: Alias2 Prepay with No Data???
Customer Support

Help is here for you! We certainly don't want to see you go after all these great years together. The Alias 2 is considered a basic phone for contract services. However, Prepay service only services only supports the Alias 2 under Smartphone monthly pricing. To find out all the plans it can be activated to, you can enter the Device ID at or call our Prepay customer service at 888-294-6804.

Thank you

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