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Certain calls blocked by Verizon

I am unable to call my local corporate vzw store from  my prepaid samsung illusion. Other than that I love the phone and verizon's network.When I try to call a corporate store directly I am routed to the national pay center. I have called customer service a couple of times and got a different explanation for the "glitch" each time.The phone and service work perfectly except for this one glitch. I don't make a habit of calling the corporate store but I don't understand why I seem to be blocked from calling them. I would like to be able to call them in case I might need some info about a phone. I have been attempting to help a friend move her service to vzw prepaid but I am concerned about certain "limitations" on the service. I don't know if I can recommend vzw to her if there are "obstacles" like this that come up unexpectedly. My friend is not technical at all and technology frustrates her easily. I felt a prepaid phone would both help her with her costs and feeling safe about having enough minutes every month. Please help me understand what ;if anything; I am doing wrong. as of 4pm  mar 17 2013 I can't even get a live representative anymore when I call. I went to the waterbury ct corporate store today and even the salesperson there couldn't call his store directly from my phone during my visit there. The customer rep I talked to today after calling 611 informed me that only the prepaid phones are not allowed to call the corporate stores directly. Is this company policy or am I being singled out for some kind of punishment? Are there other phone numbers that I can't call? I need to know. It will help me to decide whether or not to stay with Verizon. I don't want to leave Verizon.Your phones and service are unmatched. Your answer will help me decide what to do. Thank you in advance!

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Re: Certain calls blocked by Verizon

you miss out on small things like that with prepay i heard

Re: Certain calls blocked by Verizon
Customer Support

treebeard, it is definitely not our intention to block incoming calls from any of our customers. We value your business and hope that you will stay and allow us to continue as your wireless provider. When calling a local store, the automated system will automatically route you to our customer service department. However, you are also provided with the option to speak with a representative in regards to buying new equipment or setting up new services at your local store. For your convenience, you may dial *611 from your device to speak directly to a representative that will be able to address your concerns and complete your requests. We're here for you.

VZW Support
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Re: Certain calls blocked by Verizon
Sr. Member

Corporate store employees are there to sell phones thats how they make there money. They don't want to be bothered answering questions which they probably don't know the answers to , they get there commission on sell phones. Like the Verizon Customer support person said dial *611 its a free call from your cell and they are always willing to help.  Minnie

Re: Certain calls blocked by Verizon

Dial *67 to privatize your number, followed by the store's number