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DNS invalid and cant send or recieve picture messages

I am in need of help.


I have a Samsung Intensity 2 Prepaid Cell phone.  I have the 1.99 only on days you use it plan which included a 99cent  for 24 hour period use of the internet.  When i first got

the phone i could send and recieve Picture messages and i could get on Verizon's Mobile web site to check my account  etc. My phone froze up and went into USB download mode and i had to send it off to get it serviced when i got it back i called verizon and they talked me through how to manually program the phone, but  I cannot get on Verizon's Mobile web or send or recieve pic messages.  I cannot surf the internet with my phone either.  I have gone to verizon stores several time and was told i needed to contact tech support.  I have contacted Tech support and they told me i needed a software update.  I updated the software by taking my phone to a verizon store and that did not fix the problem.  They just told me to contact tech support again.  When i try to connect to the Verizon mobile web it says DNS host invalid and when i try to send or recieve pic or multimedia messages is says message reciept fail or message send fail.  I am being bounced back and forth between tech support and running to verizon stores.  Can someone help me?  Maybe explain how i can manually program it myself to be able to once again send or recieve pic/multimedia messages.


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Re: DNS invalid and cant send or recieve picture messages
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First off don't bother going to the verizon store, they are there to sell contract phones thats how the get there commission. Have you renewed your monthly fees to keep the cell active?  The best people to help you would be the prepaid customer service  at 1.888-294-6804, I will do some research and maybe someone else will answer reply to your question.

Re: DNS invalid and cant send or recieve picture messages

i was on the phone with verizon for about 4 to 5 hrs today and got nowhere... a month ago when i went to put the $20 messaging bundle on my phone, that i have had as a back up since january 2011, it wouldnt go to the myverizon on the mobile web. took it to a verizon store and the guy had it back up and goin in about 10 minutes. of course he also talkt me into goin back and starting an actual contract.... needless to say the guys at the store can help, where as after the 4-5hrs on someone elses phone, tech support told me they will call back in 2hrs to 7 days... really?! i took the battery out for about ten minutes, nothin. dialed *228, called that and reset the prl, whatever the hell that is, still nothing and now cant send/recieve pic messges... i live in des moines, iowa and at around 2 in the noon my phone decided it wanted to start roaming. at the same time so did 2 of my friends verizon phones. i cant wait to get my razr maxx back and going. such a hassle now with insurance these days that my service will probably get cancelled, even tho i was starting to like verizon. after all of this bs yesterday i am half tempted to cancel what i have now.... my razr was my business phone and without it cant make the money i need to pay the 100 for the insurance.... i would like to have someone tell me how to redo/refigure this intensity 2 like the guy at the store. this problem is causing more headaches than its worth. one hell of a rant/question/please help figure this out. tech support wont and cant do anything to help, get a call back in; 2hrs-7days? how does that work? with my razr broke and this phone acting up after having it OVER a year is costing me time and money... all i ask is some actual real help/support...