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Mobile E-mail Expired?

I recently got on the fairly new $35 prepaid plan, and I got the Samsung Intensity III.  I noticed the mobile e-mail application, and I decided to use it.  I found it much more convenient than using the mobile web e-mail, and then I noticed that it expired while I was at a conference today. 

Now I am faced with the choice of buying the application, which is $6.99.  I have no problem with a one-time purchase, but I noticed that it is only good for a month.  In addition, there is a warning about a $5 data fee.  Could anyone confirm or deny this information?  Thank you in advance.

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Re: Mobile E-mail Expired?
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Please excuse my reply, prepaid is not one of my better subjects.

Is your prepaid the unlimited text, phone and data plans? if it is just go to google play store and download a free email app if you use Outlook-Hotmail, Yahoo, GMail which has a free email no expiration apps.

There is also K-9 Mail for pop3 email but I think there is a paid version. Just check google play store for free email apps.

Good luck

Re: Mobile E-mail Expired?

The samsung intensity III is a basic phone and doesn't access the Play Store like you suggested.

To the OP, I'm not sure if the prepaid plans include the mobile email. You might have to pay for the additional feature.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Mobile E-mail Expired?
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Sorry Ann I should have took tge time to read the below spec more thoroughly.  My apology for the misinformation.

Re: Mobile E-mail Expired?
Customer Support

Hi alex_f,

You have jumped aboard one of our greatest prepaid plans. This offers a lot for your money.  I am happy to hear that you are using the most of your phone. The Mobile Email feature is an awesome feature since you can check your email on the go.  The features does come with a cost of $6.99 per month.  Your plan does come with unlimited web. You may want to try launching a browser and going straight to the site and signing in. I hope this information helps out.



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Re: Mobile E-mail Expired?

BobbyS_VZWSupport is not correct about a few things.  He (or she) is also filling you with patronizing BS.  Thanks, BobbyS, for making us feel like children!  If you go to most email websites via MiniOpera (the default browser for the Intensity III) then the email page will only partially show and is glitchy.  When I DID have the mobile email during the "we'll let you try it to get you hooked" introductory phase the app was even glitchy.  I would delete messages and when I logged on hours later via an actual computer some messages would still be in my inbox and unopened. 

When I received the message saying that I needed to pay $6.99 for a MONTH'S worth of a glitchy app I almost through my cheap pre-paid phone through the nearest Verizon storefront window.  Do these scammers really expect people to pay nearly seven dollars a month for a barely usable app when a premium Apple app only costs $1.99 or nothing at all!?!?!  When I asked a manager about this here in Lincoln, Nebraska he just stared at me with a blank face. 

I know I signed up for a cheap pre-paid plan and I can accept the fact that I don't have the capability to see my email on said phone/plan, but please, Verizon, don't expect people to be idiots about your schemes!  Maybe we should all switch to a cheaper provider like Cricket for a $55 premium unlimited everything plan...

Sorry to hear you're in the same sinking boat as I am, alex_f.