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No Prepay Customer Service

how many ppl have a pre pay phone???  well lets look at this  as a pre pay you pay Full price for your Phone (contract get 200-400 off price ) then if there is a problem you call customer service ,right??? well be prepaired    YOU DONT COUNT!!!!!!  if your phone breaks they tell you to go to store ,contact the manufacture or some other form of blow off. when you get to the store they are fine UNTILL they find out you are pre paid then its sorry you are prepay you need to call prepay coustomer service....hmmm sounds a bit funny you paid full price for your equipment  and on average a prepay cust spends 70 a \mo to keep thier number going.  heaven forbid you want a new phone with latest features, were sorry smart phones cant go prepaid  but we will sell it to you fo 400 dollars more then our contract customers. i have the intensity bought it when they first came out in oct 09 it broke got replacement it broke got replacement ect,ect,ect all in all 7 bad ones between oct 2009 and feb 2010 if i was on a contract and didnt pay FULLPRICE after the 3rd bad one i would have been given a differant model. not on prepaiy because YOU DONT COUNT ,Your NOT a REAL verizon customer they take your money  but you dont count.... i thinkprepay should have same service . it uses the same programs same computers same towers .   here is one some prepay customers (like my wife )have a older plan 59.99 a mo for 350 min unlimited verizon to verizon, free nights and weekends. Sounds like a contract to me but its not she pays in advance for her service. she has had it for 4+ years no lapses same number .do you think she can get a discount from the required deposit  for all the years of service . no "we cant help you"   so lets do the math for my house 2 phones @30/mo ea + 10ea txt bundle +1 phone @60 /mo +10 /mo text     150 a mo to verizon to find out i am less of a customer ,i dont count, and WE CANT HELP YOU    vs contract  79 mo for 3 lines shared min discounted phones and they will HELP YOU when there is a problem .  go to att or sprint or tmobile and its less for prepay with better service (any service is better than none at all) please pass this on  i will   verizon prepay=less of a customer period

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Re: No Prepay Customer Service
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You can get a post pay account with 1400 shared minutes, unlimited night and weekends, unlimited mobile to mobile, 10 friends and family(numbers you can call at anytime unlimitedly without using your allowed shared minutes) and unlimited messaging for $129.98 plus taxes and fees; which will probably equal out to what you are paying now.  You will also be able to upgrade your phones every 20 months. This will broaden your selection of phones. You will have the option to purchase wireless protection, which will protect your phone if it becomes damaged or stolen.   Keep in mind you will still get the 1 year manufacturer warranty that is offered by the manufacturer.   This will give you all  the perks you currently have plus more for the price you pay for your prepay service each month.

Re: No Prepay Customer Service

I lost my prepay phone with had a good 69 day rate carried over from Alltel. I thold the salesman I wanted to continue with the prepay rate I had.  When I got home I fount I had there new basic rate for prepay.  After two phone calls to South American and listening to Spanish I explained my problem.  my request was to be forwarded to a superior.   Naturally I've heard back from ether call.  I then wrote and a letter, so far no response.  I am ready to drop Verizon for lack of customer service and try another provider.