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Prepaid, Plans & Phones...

I am interested in getting a phone from VW.

I will be a new customer.

What are the benefits of VW vs other phone companies?

Can I upgrade a prepaid phone?

What is the best phone to have?

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Re: Prepaid, Plans & Phones...
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader


First, welcome to the boards, and I hope I can help to answer some of your questions.  Others may chime in too, and you'll find as many different opinions as there are people providing them....  :smileyhappy:

InterestedVW wrote:

I am interested in getting a phone from VW. 

I will be a new customer.  New to cell phones in general, or Verizon specifically?


What are the benefits of VW vs other phone companies? First, IMHO, is coverage.  That's why we went with Verizon over 10 years ago (that and the plans they were offering at the time fit our needs).  Verizon seemed to have coverage everywhere we traveled to and where we live, and other carriers were not as consistent.  That continues to be the case today.  Other benefits - competitive pricing with other major carriers (no real difference in the prices for comparable plans) - phones we like - free M2M with other Verizon users (we know many) - Friends and Family so we have even more free calls.....


Can I upgrade a prepaid phone?  Define "upgrade".  If you mean replacing your phone with a newer, better model at little to no cost to you and having Verizon subsidize the cost, that doesn't happen with prepaid plans.  The upgrade discounts and "New Every 2" benefits are for the contract accounts. 


What is the best phone to have?  The "best phone" is entirely subjective.  The phone I absolutely love and adore might be a piece of junk to you....and what you find useful and necessary, I might see as unwanted, extra features I would rather not have.  How the phone feels in your hand, whether a touchscreen is cool or totally unusable, even the sound quality acceptability can vary greatly from person to person.  Only YOU can decide the phone that is BEST for you.  Read reviews, pay attention to the features people rave or complain about and see if those matter to you, go to a store and get your hands on the phones, play with them to see how they feel to you.  Then make your choice.

Hope some of this information is helpful....


Re: Prepaid, Plans & Phones...
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I agree with SuzyQ on coverage.  We had prepaid and now have regular service and I have never had problems calling any where while traveling.  Even now when I cross the border to Canada I have had to call home a few times and not one bit of trouble.  Mary