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Prepaid - Unable to receive a text message due to insufficient funds

I am using prepaid verizon wireless and i am unable to pay my bill this month, not unusually common or uncommon it happens occasionally.


however this is the first time iver started receiving messages saying i was unable to receive a text due to insufficient funds.


i average, 3 texts a month (m not joking) and ive received this message about 12 times in the last 2 days. whats the purpose of this?

or am i suddenly receiving messages? - i mean i was hoping to hear back from a prospective partner but theres nothing i can do until i get  paid again. such is life. but this is super annoying

Re: Prepaid - Unable to receive a text message due to insufficient funds
Customer Support

I'm sorry this has been a bother to you. This message is automatically sent when a text message is attempted to be sent to you when you have not added funds. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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Re: Prepaid - Unable to receive a text message due to insufficient funds

I forgot to add my prepaid card to my account and my bill is due on the 25th each month. It’s now December 26th and I received 6 messages saying “You were unable to receive a text message due to a device restriction or insufficient funds.” They came in pairs of two, one at 2:30am, second at 2:47am, and the third pair at 3:15am.


I was wondering if there is anyway I can figure out who was trying to text me? I don’t have anyone blocked except for two spam numbers. Meaning whoever is trying to message me I actually talk to. So I would like to be able to figure out who was texting me

Re: Prepaid - Unable to receive a text message due to insufficient funds

You have experienced Verizon’s prepaid scam. Let me explain: I am a long-term prepaid customer. During the past 12 months, I accumulated over three months’ worth of advanced payments in the account when I discovered my account had been suspended due to insufficient funds. What happened to the three months of advanced payments in my account? Answer, Verizon’s terminology, the funds were forfeited, lost, dropped or deleted because I did not make a payment within their undisclosed time frame.  Here is what is really going on behind the scenes; Verizon has programmed their software to sweep or steal your prepaid funds from your account if a payment is not made within a specific time frame only known by Verizon employees. This contradicts their published prepaid terms and conditions posted on their website which clearly state: "At time of renewal, if funds are available, account will be renewed for another month." However, the reality is the entire credit balance is swept or stolen out of your account, causing the account to become suspended because it shows a zero balance. You have 60 days to make a minimum monthly payment which reactivates your account, or you can decide not to make any more payments, at which time your account is cancelled. In both scenarios, your previous credit balance funds are not returned to your account unless you take further action.

Solution; file a complaint online with the FCC and your state's SCC. This will get you a response from Verizon’s Executive Relations. Despite the fancy title, they are just a baby step above the front-line customer service representatives. They will attempt to mislead you but will eventually, “as a courtesy”, return your funds back to your account once you make an additional payment unless it has been cancelled. It a bit like extortion.  Do yourself a big favor and only communicate by email so everything is in writing. They are not to be trusted.