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Prepaid order on hold - CS is a joke

I placed an order online for a $50 prepaid card for my girlfriend to use while she is here visiting, and not 10 minutes after placing the order (and getting a text from my card that it was charged,) I got an email from Verizon that my order was on hold and told call 866-338-7390.

That started the decent into madness. The automated system asks if I'm calling about my phone number (no,) and then when I can finally enter the order number, it asks for my social security number (which I did not have to provide when I made the initial order.) When I am finally able to talk to someone, it loops me to employee accounts. Then I'm transferred to prepaid accounts, who say that I need Internet Orders. Okay, fine, except when I'm taken off of hold for internet orders, I'm back to the automated system, who then hangs up on me.

I then call the specific sales number that is on the Verizon website. That again brings me back to employee sales, who then brings me to accounts. I'm now at my 5th person, who insists I need to give my social security number to look up the account, despite me explaining that it is a prepaid order and I didn't need to enter my social security number to place the order. Lo and behold, once I give it to her, it's not associated with any orders. I'm starting to lose it at this point and she gives me the canned apology, and says she is getting someone on the line with Internet Orders. I'm transferred back to the AUTOMATED SYSTEM and hung up on again.

At this point, I have an email saying that Verizon could not process the order, a credit card saying it has, and absolutely no answers and a rapidly depleting amount of patience. I don't think that the Internet Orders department actually exists. And now I have a girlfriend who is flying in 4 days who won't have a phone when she lands. I'm angry. I'm sad. I don't feel like anyone can help me.

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Re: Prepaid order on hold - CS is a joke
Customer Support

This certainly not what we want you to feel. We do want to be part of the solution, so your girlfriend can stay connected. To confirm, do you currently have a prepaid account? Aside from your social security number, were you able to provide further information on your order such as an order number, confirmation number, location code, etc.?



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