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Prepaid refill card

Accidentally bought a prepaid refill card thinking it was a gift card. It has $100 on it and I was hoping I could at least use it towards my bill but I don’t have a prepaid account, Verizon is telling me there is nothing they can do and I should try selling it. Has anyone else run into this issue? If so what did you end up doing? I’m very frustrated Verizon can’t help with this issue, even if it was error on my part, you’d think they could somehow make it possible for me to apply it to my postpaid account. 

Re: Prepaid refill card
Customer Support

If the PIN scratch-off has not been removed, it can be returned for a refund. Although, if it has, it can not be returned for a refund. Refill cards can only be used to refill Prepaid accounts. CassieG_VZW

Re: Prepaid refill card

I had the same thing happen.  My daughter is on my account and pays me $50 a month for her line.  She grabbed the card at Target and gave it to me.  I had tucked it away and went to pay my bill and found out the same thing.  

I don't have the receipt, I've had the card for a couple months.

They told me to sell it too!

In any of those racks full of gift cards you see at grocery stores and target, I would easily have grabbed this card thinking it was a gift card as well.   It looks like a Verizon $50.00 gift card.  If you want to look really close at  the size 4 font that says refill, you might catch the error.  

I'm thinking this must fall under a bait and switch type thing - or along those lines.  I'm going to look into it.  This is the kind of stuff that I think people do class action lawsuits.  Pain in the butt, but I'd probably get that $50.00 she paid.   

Re: Prepaid refill card

You should not tell people they can return it because you can not. Even if it has not been scratched off. You can NOT return it!

Re: Prepaid refill card

I had the same issue and they did not allow me to return the card. Has verizon came up with a way for us to be able to use these funds?