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Switching Phones
I am on the Prepaid Monthly Talk & Text 450 Plan with the LG enV Touch as my handset. My device is getting a little fussy in its old age, so I had purchased an LG Accolade to activate my line of service upon. In the past, on the daily plans, my handsets could be changed effortlessly, but when I enter the MEID for the Accolade, I'm prompted to choose either a monthly or a daily plan. I wish to simply continue with my current plan, but I see no visible option to easily do so on the screen. Thus, this is where my inquiries lie: If I were to select the Monthly option, would it transfer my current, mid-cycle plan to the new phone without charge, OR would it require me to select a new plan, along with the subsequent charges and cycle reset? Thank You to whomever in advance for whatever help you can offer me.
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Re: Switching Phones
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My thinking is that your account and plan is attached to your cell number so no matter what new phone (unless it involves a data pkg plan) nothing in your monthly plan that you have now would change.  To be on the safe side I would double check this with customer service.