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Who should I talk to?

I can't seem to get anywhere by calling customer support and I need someone to look at my situation. On Saturday 7/15 I tried to sign up for prepaid service on the website for the double data promotion. It failed and emailed me to call in. When I called in they told me they had to create an account over the phone and port my number in. This went fine. When I hung up I realized I didn't have the double data promotion. I then chatted with customer service and they said it was because I didn't sign up on line. They had me create another account with a new phone number (which cost me $30 more which was supposed to be refunded but haven't seen it yet.), port the line to another carrier (which cost me $25)  then port it back. However it failed to port my number back in which I called customer support again. They told me they had to create a new account and move the number to it for some reason which they did. Now I have my number back, but my promo wasn't added again because it was on the phone. She created a ticket to have it added, but I was told that this was denied. I was told it was still being worked on, but I have very little hope that this will be fixed. I really just want the promotion or my money back. Any

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Re: Who should I talk to?
Wow. This kind of story scares me. And I sincerely hope they straighten it all out for you. But if it's any consolation, I have gone through eirily similar problems with customer service (in my case at Jewel/Osco grocery stores. They put my grocery bill transaction for an entire two weeks worth of food through to my bank TWICE. Jewel said "we don't have your money so we can't give you back what we don't have. Bank said" we don't have your money. The funds were dispersed twice because they put the debit through twice. Therefore, we have nothing to give back to you". Several layers of management on both sides later, still no dice. By the way, it costs several hundred dollars to file in small claims court. And to put an attorney familiar with Illinois Commerce Law on retainer. Six months later. Money still ~gone~! Lesson learned:   Incompetence is never personal. Don't take it as such.  Gandalf7x
Re: Who should I talk to?
Customer Support



The double-data promotion that is exclusive to new Prepay accounts is very popular, but let's get some more information on this to best help. Porting in a number is one way to initiate a new account with us, but it is not the only way to participate in this promotion. When you had attempted to initiate service with us online and then created another account, where specifically did the SIM card come from that was being used? Was the device going to be a phone, a tablet, or something else? 


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