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Why Am I Having Problems Setting Up My Prepaid Plan?

I just bought a new pre-paid smartphone on the $30/month, Wi-Fi only plan, I added an extra $30 for a 2nd month, and I get sent a phone that's set up on the $60/month 5GB Data Plan, draining my account to ZERO. Why would you do that to me?. Do you (they) mess up that often. Why? The first email I got had it right, and every email after that, was wrong. After dealing with the check out page constantly changing my shipping address to what IT thinks it should be and adding extra numbers? Oh yeah on top of that, it was shipped FedEx 2 Day, not 1 day, like the check out page said it would, making me change my plans............I'm just venting, have a sparkling day, please drive thru.........................................

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Re: Why mess up my order??

All fixed now. Well the guy I spoke to last night, at the Prepaid phone#, right b4 I vented above, right after I got my phone, said he really couldn't do anything about it now and I should just use the 5GB Data Plan for the month and he would put a note on my account that I want it changed to the $30/month Wi-Fi only plan, and that a $30 credit should be issued. I sensed that he didn't believe me about their screw up, or their website/software screw up.

So today I went to the Verizon Store, and the manager there looked at the notes on my #, and showed me the note about me wanting it changed, but there was no note about a $30 credit. He also told me that they set up and sell Prepaid Plans, but after that, they can NOT help you, you have to call the Prepaid phone#. He could see the notes on my account but they cannot get into your account.(They should change that).

So I went home, called the Prepaid #, got a girl on the line and she had it fixed in about 60 seconds, just had to have her supervisor sign off on it, and add it to the pile of the rest of them that are just like it. She said she sees it all the time with Prepaid Plans where you add months on to the order at the website, and some wheres along the line it gets screwed up, where the system turns your total amount paid into the Plan that matches that amount. (They should fix that to). Well I'm happy again.