15GB Prepain Plan - No Data for the Past 6 months and now forced to create a new account and pay more for less data
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  1. History - I have been using Verizon prepaid plan for over 2 years and now I am getting data running out of nowhere and now no Data for a month.
  2. Data consumed out of nowhere- Contact Verizon agent they refill account and I am back with data. 
  3. Old plan issue - After a couple of refills, I told the Verizon agent that this is only a temporary solution to this issue. So the agent recommended I switch to a new plan 15GB which would cost the same as my old plan 8G + 7GB bonus provided by Verizon so I switched the plan.
  4. New plan issue -After switching plans, I have no Data at all, I can call and text, but no Data.
  5. Syncing issue - I talked with the Service agent and they recommended I troubleshoot device so I did the following
    1. Restart device 
    2. Ask them to resync
  6. Old Sim Issue- I was told that it might have to do with the SIM,  I was still able to call and text and I haven't had any problem with Data for over two years until recently
  7. Device Issue- I switched to a new sim and it still did not work so they say it is the device I am using
    1. To test this I have used both an Android (Pixel 2) and IOS (Iphone 11) to test the sim card doing all the troubleshoot (restart, resync) and both devices can call and text, but still no data
    2. On the Android Pixel 2, it says Verizon - "You don't have a Verizon Wireless plan or you've used all of your plan allowances, please contact Verizon"
      1. I contact Verizon and it is clear I have not consumed any of my 15GB data because I have no data on my device even with the new SIM activated.
  8. Data used outside of registered location -Ticket NRB000010352138 was submitted to address this system issue. The resolution was that the data is being used at 900+miles away from the registered location.
    1. This doesn't make any sense to me because I am currently registered in San Francisco and I could be in New York (2k miles away) and I should still have data
    2. I am using a new SIM so shouldn't data be sent to this new sim.
  9. Low Signal Issue - Ticket NRB000010357563 - the solution they provided was that my area had low coverage and recommended to switch to a post plan.
    1. This is not a coverage issue because someone in a household under the same prepaid plan has data.
    2. I am receiving no data at all whether I am indoor at home or out in the city.
  10. 4 Tech support ticket - After 4 tech support tickets, it is clear that this is an account issue so I was told by a representative to create a new account and I would not be enjoying the discount benefit for using Verizon over 2 years.
  11. New Account downgrade from 15GB to 5GB - paying $35/monthly to $40/monthly. Verizon Agent Marget response "Seem like the best option available for you is to create a new account. It is completely understandable that you'd like to keep getting all discount and benefits. It is up to you whatever decision you'd like to make. After meeting all the requirements yes you absolutely will. You can even start with the $40 5GB plan and just after the 4+ months and renewals you start getting the $5 discount."

    After being with Verizon for over 2 years, the solution they can provide me to fix my no data issue is to start with a new account that enjoys no discount.

    After going through all the hoops, Verizon wasn't able to provide me with any solution other than forcing me to create a new account (new number)  which is very inconvenient and losing long time customer discount since it will reset the record and I will have to pay more to downgrade to a 5GB Plan. Does this sound reasonable to you?
Re: 15GB Prepain Plan - No Data for the Past 6 months and now forced to create a new account and pay more for less data
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Sounds rigged. Maybe file a complaint with bbb or consumer affairs.