$176.13 Prepaid Balance Lost - Customer Service Useless

I've been a Verizon postpaid and now prepaid customer for over 20 years, going back to the Bell Atlantic days.  I've always stayed with Verizon because I felt their wireless service and customer support was always top of class.

This changed about two weeks ago when I had two lines on a Verizon prepaid family plan.  I had decided to port the primary line out to Visible (a company owned by Verizon) so that I could take advantage of a new phone promotion to replace my aging iPhone 6 Plus. In the Verizon family plan account, I had $176.13 in prepaid credit that I purchased and loaded to the account.    The port-in process on the Visible side is completely online which I did without issue.  Since there was still a secondary line left on the family plan, I assumed that any remaining balance in this case the $176.13 would simply go to the remaining account.  This would seem to be a logical assumption as the Verizon FAQ states the following:

What happens if the Account Owner leaves the account?
If the Account Owner wants to leave the Prepaid Family Account, the Account Owner will be asked to select one of the other lines on the account and designate that Account Member as the new Account Owner.

If the Account Owner doesn't designate a new Account Owner, the second line on the account will automatically become the new Account Owner.

It turns out that this is not the case, and the port-out process closed my primary account and did not transfer the balance to the remaining account. $176.13 of my hard earned money is gone and after 2 hours on the phone, 2 chats, and a payment investigation, Verizon informs me that there is nothing they can do. I’m not asking for Verizon to reimburse me in cash. I’m simply asking for them to reinstate the balance that was rightfully mine on the the remaining prepaid account that is still active. Customer Service states that they cannot do this which is extremely disappointing.

I suppose my only option now is to file a claim with the Better Business Bureau and state attorney general’s office. This is certainly not how I would expect a customer of over 20 years to be treated, but I suppose company values change over time.