3 g 4 g laptop card verizon

i upgraded my phone went to a verizon retailer told to up grade no one told me i could get internet for 20 instead they sold me their lap top card worth 50 i pay for another service 34 a month in order to get connected cause verizon doesnt connect guess what for 6 months i could get connected with the cheaper one instead of verizon that is 84  month for 6 months so i sent it back plus their other one they sent me when i spent hours each month online with customer services now they want a 130 disconnect fee for junk internet plus 150 for there last three months of junk internet i didnt use really hell with verizon i can go to another plan with another provider keep your junk i have been with verizon for 5 years after at and t bought cingular time to go go join at at and t and beg to have me back as a customer i liked my phones but right now verizon owes me for my time on their customer services phone line i will send you a bill for my time if u pay it we can talk

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Re: 3 g 4 g laptop card verizon
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    It does not cost air-time to call customer service, Did you not realize that you could not connect within your 14 day "Worry Free Guarantee" period? You could have returned your device without any penalty! Finally- surely you were aware that you were signing a two year contract when you accepted the terms and conditions required when you activate a line of service.

    I find it impossible to feel sorry or even compassionate for people who do not even test a device during a grace period that is generously provided to them to make sure that the device will fit their needs, or for that matter people that whine about being bound by an agreement that they willingly entered. Send Verizon that bill pal, I'm sure they need a good chuckle!

    At any time that you were paying that $84 dollars, you could have done the intelligent thing and dropped your data package to as low as it possible and saved yourself some money. Have fun with extremely slow data transfer rates that other providers offer, I am sure that you will find them less accommodating than Verizon. I am sure they will be happy to have you though.

Here's to the educated consumer! !!