30 prepaid plan in 31 day months

Below is a copy of a letter to customer service I sent this morning. No word yet.

I have been using autopay option for prepaid service more years then I can figure. I have never gotten a satisfactory answer regarding 30 day plan when there 31 days to certain months (And yes there are only 28 in February) and interruption in service etc.

I have had my autopay date as the fourth of the month. it is the day works best for me. All too many times I have gotten text message that I need to pay by the third. As example, yesterday "May 30 12:10pm VZW-FREE-MSG in 5 days your account will expire. Make payment by 6-03-2014 to keep your number and keep your service active." So I counted 5 days from May 30 and I get June 4 (my preferred payment date). I went back over the calendar, January March May all 31 days. April was the only 30 day month so far this year.

I am only able to check bank transaction for the past 120 days , Those all appear to have gone through the 4th.

(Used to be a payment of over $30 meant your number was valid for x amount of days, I forget...)

I spoke with two customer reps this morning that were not helpful. first time ever with you guys.

To shorten this up-

Your plans are 30 days, I get that, but there are months with 31 days. The calendar is not going to change.

So if I change autopay to the third what happens Aug 3 or Sept. 3 that are 31 day time spans? What is the use of autopay if I have to keep changing it. (TO BE VERY CLEAR I WANT THE FOURTH 4 THAT IS NUMBER 4 FOURTH DAY OF THE MONTH. Thank you.)  

What is going to happen this June 3 and 4? I am not losing this number nor am I going to pay to have it reconnected. Look at how long I have had it. Look at my payment history.  I really do not appreciate Friday's text message and its dire threatening tone (bad copy writing). I don't appreciate how often I get messages from you like that.

There are times when its not the customer at fault.

I hope we can resolve this quickly, I thank you for time and consideration           

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Re: 30 prepaid plan in 31 day months
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I know that is confusing that's why I don't use automatic prepay. Even with the auto prepaid, the date would change according to how may days are in the month. So on the 4th it would be late if there were 31 days, actually Verizon should set there system for the different days. I just may per 90 days, the say of the month it would be due on is always changing. The auto may for this type is not a good idea. I'm set up just to get a text 3 days before my payment is due then go online and pay it. I'm sorry that this is not much help but Verizon would go crazy trying to keep everyone on a different date that changes. I think they should have it per month and not per days, it would make it a lot easier.