$50 monthly plan and zero balance/payment date
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I have a couple questions about the $50/month plan...

1) Suppose you were well outside 30 days of your payment date, but you were on a Daily or Minute Plan, and had EXACTLY $50, and tried to switch to the monthly plan...I realize that would get you to an exact zero balance if you did that...but could you do it anyway and get the 30 days, since you originally had the $50 to cover it? (Of course, even if it WAS possible, you'd only have that month, and be suspended unless you did a refill)

2) Suppose you had the $50 to switch to the monthly plan (with balance left over), but the payment date was within the 30 days of the plan, say for example, the payment date was 10 days away...could you still switch to the plan? If so, would you get the full 30 days and be suspended afterward (if you didn't refill), or NOT get 30 days and only get the days up to the payment date (in this example, 10) and be suspended then? (Again, if you didn't refill)

I ask these questions, since I know the text bundles with the Daily and Minute Plans still will give you the 30 days regardless of zero balance or payment date, as long as you originally had sufficient balance to cover the bundles... just wondering if the $50 month plan works similarly or not...

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Re: $50 monthly plan and zero balance/payment date
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Never fear help is here!

You can our Prepaid Customer Service team for assistance with these questions. They can be reached at 888-294-6804 and will be more than happy to assist you.


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