5GB add on data not for hotspot (website says it is?)

Hope i selected the right category i use totalWireless (now totalbyverizon).

First off, although it took 4 calls to tech support, they did eventually refund me the 5GB add-on (so props to them for that). I just dont understand why the website says the 5GB add on can be used for hotspot, but every technician i spoke to insisted it didnt (even when i provided the url)

So i have totalbyverizon plan and usually have no problem with my hotspot. This month i ran out of hotspot data. Got a text from verizon, which i followed to their site and saw the 5GB data add on and it mentions that it can be used for hot-spot data. So i purchased, but still no luck on hotspot. Got busy, and 2 days later called support. They insisted that the 5GB add on is not for hotspot data. So it seems like if you run out of your plan's hotspot data you are just out of luck I guess? Seems strange but IDK.  See below for the link to the 5GB add on and the claim that it can be used for hotspot data. 

$10, 5GB Prepaid Data Add On - Total by Verizon