75 GB Is Not Enough

My wife and I live in a rural area where internet access is by cell tower only (or satellite). Do to COVID-19 we were forced to close our physical offices for the Relationship Center and move all of our appointments online. We have our iPhones plugged into 32" TV's so we can see all of the facial expressions on our couples. It works well. The problem lies in that we burn through the 75 GB sooner than the end of the month. I have spent hours (yes, that's plural) on the phone with various Verizon representatives and still get the same answer. 75 GB is the highest data plan you can get, and you can only buy more data in 5 GB increments at $35 each time. This includes business lines as well. I would pay double the cost of the line for double the data, but that is not an option. Nor is adding a line and switching the data over to one of the lines we use (and just let the added line remain inactive). Thus far when we have exceeded the 75 GB there have not been any noticeable slowdowns, however, knowing that during a video conference with a couple we might be slowed to almost nothing creates a feeling of uneasiness to say the least, and would be very unprofessional at worst. Does anybody else have the need for more data than Verizon can provide at a reasonable cost while trying to maintain their business from their home?

Re: 75 GB Is Not Enough

Do you have a broadband internet connection in your office? Have you thought about going into your office and using the internet connection there? You can STILL keep your offices closed and STILL have all of your appointments take place online. You and your wife being in your office alone is not much different than being at home if no one else is in the office with you.

You are in your car on the way to the office without any outside personal interactions. You are then in your office alone with your wife, again without any outside personal interactions.

I know this may not be the answer you were wanting, but it should certainly be considered as an option.