A couple questions about switching from a contract to prepaid plan.

Because the cost of the contract plan is way too high for me, I am looking to switch to a prepaid plan. Currently, my contract is up as it ended today. I think I am going to go with one of the basic prepaid phone plans although I am also considering the lower smartphone plan as well. I'm not very impressed with Verizon's selection of prepaid phones you can purchase through them. I've been looking on Amazon.com and have found two phones I like: the LG Enlighten and LG Extravert. I might go with the smartphone prepaid plan if I can find a smartphone with an actual QWERTY keyboard not just a touch screen one. Neither the Samsung Illusion or LG Optimus Zone have this which are the only prepaid smartphones listed on the Verizon website. Any other phone recommendations are welcome. My only real requirement is a physical QWERTY keyboard. I'd like a phone with a decent camera but it is not a necessity. Also just to clarify, if I switch to a prepaid plan I can keep my current phone number on my contract phone correct?

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Re: A couple questions about switching from a contract to prepaid plan.
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Murdoc13, I understand your needs for switching your plan up a bit. The good news is you can keep your number when you switch to pre pay. Check out the compatible smartphones right here: http://vz.to/T2PvGR !

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