AUGHGHGH phone says I do not have anough money in my account to make a call!!!!!!
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i'm sooo fed up with prepaid.   every month a few days before my bill is due... and it's set up for autopay....  i start getting these message when I try to place a phone call.  then I have to spend 30 or 40 minutes on the phone with an agent who is sooo sorry that I"m having this problem.... but never fixes it.

I think Verizon wants us on the regular expensive plans so they try and make the prepaid service miserable to work with.   It makes me furious that every month I'm still paid up and on autopay but it periodically stops my phone calls a few days before my due date.    I've been on the phone now for 1/2 hour and still waiting for a technical support agent  that will try and make me restart my phone a couple times and reset it  but it's VERIZON that is doing it,  NOT my phone.   FIX THIS PROBLEM VERIZON!!!    This is LOUSY SERVICE!!!!

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