Activating iPhone 5s on prepaid

At the beginning of this story I was already a Verizion prepaid customer with a Moto G (3G). I wanted to upgrade to a prepaid iPhone 5s that was for sale on Verizon's website (and keep my same phone # of course). When I went through the checkout process it forced me to either (a) enter a number from another carrier to be ported, or (b) select a brand new phone number. Neither of these was what I wanted so I contacted sales support, they told me to just choose the option to have a new number assigned, then it could be changed to my current number during activation.

That turned out to be bad advice I think. When the phone arrived I took it to the Verizon store to get activated and it took the guy about 45 minutes. He said the problem was that it already had a number assigned to it and that made it more difficult to add my current phone number. He did eventually figure it out though.

The reason I ask is that I have another line with the same setup (Moto G) that I might want to upgrade to an iPhone 5s. What should I do different this time to make the process smoother? I asked the guy at the Verizon store and he wasn't sure. Unfortunately they don't stock this phone at my local store so I can't buy it there.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Re: Activating iPhone 5s on prepaid
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for reaching out to us, kolyur. You would need to contact our Prepaid department to get to the bottom of this. You can do that through the chat feature right here on or by calling 888-294-6804.


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