Adding time to phone after 'payment date' has passed
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I'm a new prepaid customer and I wondered that I just want to make sure I understand you correctly, since I don't have permanent employment...I work for a friend here and there, to get rent paid, phone cards, etc...

If I go past the payment date, I will forfeit any balance that may remain on my account (unless it's zero, of course) right away, but I'll still have my phone number, plan, etc. for 90 days (of course, my phone will be unusable, except as an alarm clock, calendar, etc.)...after 90 days, my number will be officially I understanding you correctly?

Another really burning question is...if I do get deactivated, but I don't use another person (at a store, or a Verizon Customer Rep., etc), and just reactivate online or on the phone itself, can that be done free of charge? I bought mine at Family Dollar and went through the activation process myself on the phone, and did not pay a fee, so would it be safe to assume I could do that again upon reactivation and not pay a reactivation fee?

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Re: Adding time to phone after 'payment date' has passed
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For the first part of your  question if you have a 0 (Zero)  amount in your account your account will be devactivated even if you still have time left on the account,  so even if  you can leave a few dollars in the account that will keep it activated until the expiration date. For the second part of the question, usually stores will active an account when you buy the phone so I would ask the store if they are going to charge you for a reactivation charge. Usually Verizon does charge for a reconnection charge but that might be just for when your keeping your same number and changing to a different phone.  Go back to dollar store and ask them about it, otherwise you will end up paying $25.00 or $35.00 for a activetion charge . Also once your phone is deactivated you will need to get a new cell number sometimes if its just a few days you might beable to keep the same number. Hope this helps.