After Nine free calling?
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If I have a prepaid phone, do I still get free calls after nine?

And does anyone know if Page Plus is a Verizon Company?

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Re: After Nine free calling?
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It would depend on what prepaid plan you have. The Basic 25 cents per minute, 99 cent plan is 99 cents for the first call and that is good up to 9:59pm  after that its counted as nighttime minutes and you would pay an extra 10 cents per minute. On the $1.99 plan you can talk 24 hrs. for that day. So it all depends on the plan. There are also %50 plans and $80 dollar plans. Which plan are you talking about?

Re: After Nine free calling?

Prepaid does not have free calling after 9. They have the Basic plan at $0.25/min and $0.20/text. $0.99 Daily plan with Unlimited VZW M2M calling and $0.10/min with any other phone calls and $0.10/text. There are also two monthly plans $50 Unlimited talk, text, and web for basic phones and $80 Unlimited talk, text, and 2 (promo til 1/31/2013) or 1 GB for smartphones. Page Plus is a reseller of VZW, different company and plans using VZW equipment.