Announcement 24 - Restrictions message - Nobody is able to call me


Nobody is able to call my veirzon number and they all get a message "Call cannot be completed...Restrictions on this line...Announcement 24". I am able to make call on Wifi, send and receive text messages but nobody can call my number and they get the above announcement 24 message. Having this issue for over 7 days now.

Tried calling the support line, at least 6-8 different agents, total of 6-8 hrs of calls and chat but nobody is able to help resolve this issue.

3 of the agents told me supervisor will call but nobody did. Two times calls dropped and lost  hours of conversation and they didn't call me back even if I provided call back number. Restarting the clock again on next call explaining same thing again dozen times.

I called prepaid dept, got trasferd to tech specialist after 2 hrs of non fruitful talks with two agents which then got picked up by a post paid agent and suggested to call prepaid dept. Just going in loop over and over.

I have no idea what that restrictions are to get it resolved. Bill shows fully paid and I only have single line, so nothing family restrictions.

Any help, really appreciated.