Any clue on when the prepaid apocalypse will be over???
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I've been without service since I ported from Straight Talk on Tuesday, October 7. A nice tech (not one of the first-line reps but one you get when your problem gets escalated to another level) said the service has been down since Friday, Oct. 3rd. The techs were told it was "system maintenance," but even THEY know that's not true. They're not even being forthcoming with their own employees! I made the mistake of visiting a Verizon store yesterday to ask about it & of course the sales rep tried to take advantage of my issue & try to sell me a post-paid plan--she had the nerve to say, "Well, you won't have issues like this if you go post-paid." So note to fellow prepaid customers: DON'T GO TO A VERIZON STORE FOR HELP EITHER. I am so frustrated & having many regrets over switching prepaid service providers!

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