Are you having a problem reaching a live person...
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Since others may have had my problem here is some helpful info:

Be aware Verizon hides the cue path that allows you to speak to a live person (Prepaid plan). It's kind of like the joke you may have heard about the folks who live in Beverly Hills... they are so exclusive, the Police number is unlisted Smiley Happy Except when it comes to really needing help. Smiley Sad (perhaps it is different for monthly customers)

Here is the way to reach a real live person:

After dialing the Prepaid Customer Service Toll Free Number 888-294-6804, select 1-English / 2-Spanish, enter your 10 digit mobile number, select 2 - "continue to the main menu", select 4 - "Questions or change something", select 6 - "Store locations or Billing questions", then 4 - "Customer Service Representative".

Hope this helps someone. BTW, got this off a post from a customer on this forum..

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Re: Are you having a problem reaching a live person...

Simply put...this is re-posted information that, in short is, *611, press 1, (ph#) 2, 4, 6, 4.