Autopay Broken

I have been signed up for autopay since I switched to Verizon prepay.  For the past 5 months, auto pay has failed to debit my account for my monthly payment.  Each time this happens, I wake up to suspended service and I lose all of my rollover data.  i have been on the phone will 12 different people, all of which are USELESS.  Each time, they said they promise it is fixed this time... needless to say, it still doesn't work.  The prepay support is horrible.  I can't understand half of them because they are in a call center in another country and English is a second or third language.  None of them have the power to fix anything and I just keep getting a runaround.  Is there anyone at Verizon who can escalate this problem and get it fixed?  If not, I'll be changing to another carrier.  This is ridiculous and beyond frustrating!

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Re: Autopay Broken
Customer Service Rep

ImaginaryKaos, we'd never want to see you leave us. However, we understand that this Autopay issue has gone on too long. I'm sorry that all of your efforts haven't gotten a resolution yet. While we cannot access your prepaid account, we'll make sure you get lasting results. Please reply to the Private Message that I sent you.


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