BYOD debacle

I had been a long time Vz wireless subscriber, most recently with prepaid. Back in February I bought an unlocked samsung galaxy s23 ultra directly from Samsung. I removed the Vz sim from my previous Samsung Note 20 ultra and placed it in the the S23 ultra, got service and things seemed fine. Yesterday, when I logged into my Vz prepaid account via browser, I noticed it said that I was still connecting to my Samsung Note 20 ultra. I called support and asked if that was a problem. Big mistake, since I did have service. But the agent said it was a simple fix and give her the IMEI and SIM ID. I did that, but there was an error. IMEI and SIM were incompatible. She consulted her network experts who said that s23 is esim, so I asked her guidance for that. She read from a script that just did not match the commands I saw in my phone. She again contacted her network experts who said S23 esim is not compatible with prepaid. She asked if I could put the sim back into the Note 20 ultra, but I explained I had traded it in to Samsung. She suggested perhaps I could go to a Vz store for help and even purchase another phone which is compatible with Vz prepaid! I told her I was not going to buy another phone...  I had working Vz service before I called, and now after several hours on the phone with this agent, I no longer had Vz service and the agent was saying my phone was incompatible with Vz. I had enough, signed up with another carrier, followed their online instructions to download esim with their supplied QR code and am back in service. 

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