Bad experience porting to prepaid

I wanted to port 2 numbers to Verizon, one from AT&T and one from T-Mobile. I already have an unactivated SIM card that comes with my unlocked iPhone, so I intended to port the AT&T number to that SIM. I placed an BYOD order online to get the multi line discount and provided all information about porting such as account number and PIN. However, it turns out that only T-Mobile number was successfully ported, but Verizon does not get the port request for the AT&T number. But I was already charged for the first month of both lines(the successful number is on $50 and the unsuccessful number is supposed to be on $40). When I called the prepaid customer service, it seems like they can address my problem, but they transfer my call over and over for more than 2 hours. So I was charged $79.69 but get an service working on only one line(the line with $50).

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Re: Bad experience porting to prepaid
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First, I'd like to welcome you to the Verizon Wireless family. I am so sorry you're experiencing problems porting one of your mobile numbers over to us. I see you have already reached out to our Prepaid Customer Service Team. Unfortunately, I do not have access to prepaid accounts. If this issue still hasn't been resolved, please reach back out to our Prepaid Customer Service Team here: so this can be properly addressed.



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