Battery Life and phone call disconnect.

I have a couple of questions:

1. My Samsung Illusion is about two months old.  The battery life on a full over night charge last about 6 hours.   I try and double check my open

apps, which are very basic and disconnect most.   Does anyone has a secret to keep the battery changed longer.

2.  After I get a call, received or a call made, and wearing a bluetooth headset, the connection has stay on, even after leaving message.  Should

the device disconnect on it's on after a conversation.   THIS DRIVES ME CRAZY....HELP.

(deleted email address and last name to comply with)


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Re: Battery Life and phone call disconnect.
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Hi Ernie!

Congrats on the new phone! I'm sorry it hasn't been functioning properly! You had mentioned your Bluetooth. Do you keep it on at all times? The battery may drain quicker if it is constantly looking for the Bluetooth. What kind of applications do you have installed? What kind of Bluetooth are you using? Keep us posted!

Katie H
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