Being Charged Taxes For Another State

Has anyone else had trouble with being charged the wrong state taxes/surcharges?  I tried to add money to my prepaid phone today and realized they were charging me $4.00 for Kansas City tax when I have lived in the state of Oklahoma for 8 years.  I spent a long time chatting with two services reps who just kept referring me to the tax calculator on the Verizon website.  After playing with the tax calculator myself for a while I realize that because our small rural town in Oklahoma is named "Kansas" the calculator automatically charges the Kansas City tax.  If I type in the two small towns on either side of us it is just Oklahoma taxes.  I tried to tell this to the people I was chatting with, but got absolutely nowhere.  They just keep telling me the same thing over and over - they understand my concern but their tax calculator is right.  I told them they could put my zip code in the USPS website and they would see I live hours away from Kansas City in a different state.  I am SO frustrated and about ready to dump Verizon even though we have been customers for many years.  I tried calling the customer service number and cannot get a real person.

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Re: Being Charged Taxes For Another State
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The account would be assessed taxes based on the rates for the zip code for where your primary place of use address is listed in your MyVerizon settings.

You can update the address if it's inaccurate or when moving. If you are actually being charged for taxes based on the rates for a zip code in Kansas City Missouri then your Verizon account has actually been saving you money as the tax rate assessed there is lower than the tax rate for a zip code in Kansas Oklahoma.

The tax calculator would be correct based on the local taxes set at the state, county & city levels, if your looking at the rates for Kansas Oklahoma the city level tax rate showing is the one for that location, not the city level tax rate set by the municipality of Kansas City. With similar names and such taxes can be confusing.

Not every local municipality charges a 'city level' tax so that's why surrounding towns will show different rates, but for a Kansas Oklahoma location in addition to the state & county level rates Kansas also charges a 'city level' tax of 4% for a total rate of 9.9%, whereas for a different state example a Kansas City Missouri location would asses a 'city level' tax of 2.875% for a total rate of 8.475% since the taxes there are cheaper. You can see the tax rate breakdowns for those locations at these links-

Kansas, OK Sales Tax Rate

Kansas City, MO Sales Tax Rate