Being charged, even though I have the unlimited plan?

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I have been using the Verizon prepaid services for quite some time now. All went well up until I got my hands on their Android device. I got it just today, and switched my old number to that. Have been doing that from phone to phone. Never had a problem with the unlimited plans and what not. However, today, when I switched and signed up for their $80 unlimited talk, text with 1GB data? I found out that it's not unlimited and I haven't been charged for the plan. It's very frustrating as I know I have enough funds to be a part of the data plan. It says I am, but I am still getting charged for each individual item. For texts, SMS, and phone calls. My local Verizon stores are useless as for some reason they cannot get access to my prepaid account. If anyone can help me out here? That'd be great. Smiley Happy

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Re: Being charged, even though I have the unlimited plan?
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Hi Ntuxn00

I would be glad to go over your prepaid plan with you. If you choose the $80.00 plan you will have unlimited talk and text and 1GB for data usage. Here's a link to see that plan:  If your having a problem with your specific account you can reach out to our prepaid department at 888-294-6804.

Thank you

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