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I have so many issues with Verizon, I don't know where to start.

1. They told me I'd be able to keep my old phone number, but later told me I couldn't and they didn't know why.

2. They gave me a phone number for a small town in Nebraska instead of the large town in Nebraska where I live. So my friends and family and co-workers have to call long-distance to reach me. 

3. They have been double-billing me since March, so I contested the duplicate charges on my credit card. While investigating, the credit card company credited the duplicate charges. However, Verizon must have convinced the credit card company that the charges were correct, because now they have charged me the duplicate charges all over again.

4. Because I contested the charges, Verizon sent me an email and said they suspended my account. So now I'm not only being double-charged for my account but now I have no phone service!

What the actual heck?

Is there any way to talk to someone who can actually fix this, rather than the support people who don't know anything and don't have any power to fix it? 

Re: Billing, Phone Number, Service
Customer Service Rep

Hey there! We're sorry to hear you've encountered so many difficulties with us an had this kind of experience. We'd love to make this right for you. To begin, we'll need some additional details. Please reach out to us via DM on either Facebook or Twitter so we can help get this resolved for you! Additionally, you can also reach out by dialing (800) 922-0204 as well! *Kris