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I had a Verizon prepay plan and thought it was great. 15.00 a month minimum, more if you used extra minutes. Unused money rolled over each month as long as the monthly payment was made.  Then they cleaned my account out 4 times. I was told the billing was monthly but it is 30 days. About the 4th month I had it they closed the account down and drained the money in it, 31 days in that month so you can’t make the payment the same day each month. They came out with auto billing. One month they closed the account and drained all the money. They closed it in the morning and put the auto payment in in the after noon. They had to refund that. The third time my payment was Jan. 31. Since it was on auto pay it automatically scheduled the next payment for 30 days later, Feb. 30th.. There is no Feb 30. No payment made and the account again cleaned out. This last time I changed my credit card number but it reverted back to my old number. Payment missed an they cleaned out the 251 dollars in the account rather than taking the 15.00 due out of the balance. They were also supposed to notify me of any problems via email.  That never happened.  It may be worth the money just to be rid of them.

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If your on auto pay you must make one cell call every 60 days.  The billing periods are not in months they are in days, the $15.00 is good for 30 days, the $30.00 payment is good for 90 days. Some months have 31 days in it so your billing period is not always the same.

Re: Billing question-prepay
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Why is there a growing credit balance on my statement?  How do I gain access to this sum?  How do I get a customer service rep on the phone?