Blocking Phishing Text In Prepaid?

Thanks up front for any help! I have spent an agonizing amount of wasted time in the cyclical morass of Verizon's phone system and chat line trying to find an answer to this problem:

I have been receiving annoying phishing texts via vtext. Since I'm prepaid, besides the annoyance, the fact that I'm paying this jack-a to phish me is really ticking me off!

Is there a way to block such texts? The address is "". I've  replaced "glowing"  with "x"s to prevent anyone accidentally contacting this guy. I just provided this info so you could see that his address is all letters, no numbers- if that helps. If not, I suggest to Verizon that for prepaid customers this would be a very logical feature as we get charged for these miscreant's deeds!

Also, when trying to contact Verizon via phone, is there a REAL phone number which gets you to a person and doesn't put you onto that INCREDIBLY frustrating automated cycle of prompts to change your plan, features, add money...? The one chat rep I was able to get (after 30 minutes of trying) tried, but didn't even know if my prepaid account page had an option to show the plan features! Smiley Sad

Thanks for any help!

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