Bluetooth for prepaid

I'm in the process of purchasing a bluetooth - a good one, like stealth or complete noise cancellation and when i went to double check compability, My Verizon states nothing is compatible.  What gives?

I have a LGVX 5500. I'm looking at either Motorola HX1; plantronics Voyager Pro or Jawbone series Icon

For now I have pay as you go  -ie load up and spend down.  I may switch to month to month or even do a monthly account.  Do I need another phone (new) or can I salvage what I got?  Who here has one of the nicer bluetooths?  ( I have a convertible by the way so I know it will not be 100 perfect)

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Re: Bluetooth for prepaid
Verizon Employee

The LGVX5500 will be compatible with most bluetooths. The device is bluetooth capable. You can take your device to a store and try pairing it with different bluetooths to see which one works best for you.


Thank you, LatachaM_VZW