BridgeData not being recognized?

I have the $45/month ALLSET plan which is Unlimited Talk & Text plus 500MB of data. I also purchased a 3GB BRIDGEDATA add-on for when I used the included 500MB up. When the 500MB was used up, my phone stopped connecting to the web or other data applications. MyVerizon recognizes that I purchased the additional 3GB, and I have the text confirmation from the day I bought it. But the phone wont connect after I reach the 500MB. I called about this and the rep gave me an additional 500MB I assume to try and kick start the system....this was appreciated but I think it was a bandaid as the web is stuck again now that the second 500MB has been used up. Any idea how to fix this and how I can access the 3GB of data I purchased?

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Re: BridgeData not being recognized?
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Hi BenignEgoist,

The best way to resolve the issue with bridge data is by contacting prepaid service. Here's a link on how to contact them


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