Buying Phones for Prepaid Plan

I am looking for a new phone and was wondering if Amazon was a good place to purchase phones at a lesser rate than going into store?  I have been looking on there but I am leary because some of the prices are so "reasonable", has anyone else got one from there or another site and had good luck?


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Re: Buying Phones for Prepaid Plan
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 Yes you can also buy from E Bay you will need to buy a Verizon-branded device that is compatible with the prepaid plan you want to use. The Daily Prepaid plans can only be used with phones that do not require a data plan, the "Feature" phones. The Monthly Prepaid plans can be used with smartphones, but you will be required to purchase a data plan, and the Monthly Prepaid plans are identical to Verizon's monthly contract plans, except that they cost slightly more.

I would calling to confirm that the specific model you want is compatible with the plan you want before you buy. At the same time, you should check that the ESN for the phone is clear to be activated. Double check with customer service at 1-888-294-6804 before buying the phone.